>Best of the Web

With Valentine’s Day soon to be upon us, we’ve decided to theme this month’s ‘Best of the Web’ around love, romance and passion (albeit very loosely)! Take a look at the following snippets of Internet intrigue that have been doing the rounds in recent weeks…

With New Year’s Day now a distant memory, Valentine’s Day provides a perfect excuse to break that healthy eating resolution and indulge in plenty of chocolate! The shops are full of chocolate hearts and teddy bears, but if you’re trying to make a really special impression with the one you love, why not try something like this…

If the weekend’s snowy forecast fails to materialise, thousands of couples will be jetting off in aeroplanes for a romantic break somewhere nice. Well, the Dutch have decided to combine both of these and have created a breathtaking ‘aeroplane hotel’ – click here to view more of these incredible pictures!

If you’re planning more of a home-based weekend and are focusing on finding a gift that’s genuinely unique, you really won’t get any more unique than a Buddha-shaped pear! Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang has perfected the process of growing pears inside Buddha shaped plastic moulds… Click here for the full story!

And finally, this video has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but we couldn’t miss it out! Fresh from 1944, this video is called ‘Potato Salad’ (we’re still trying to work out why) and seems twee enough, until 1 minute in, when things get interesting!

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