>Best of the Web

Another month – another round of weird, wonderful, interesting, useless, good old fashioned internet intrigue! From water jet packs and the 5-minute chocolate cake, to trick photography and psychedelic houses, here is a selection that has been amusing the Stopgap staff in March…

If you’ve ever spent a Sunday afternoon rummaging around in the loft, no doubt you’ll have stumbled across some old LPs. But rather than consign these to the local charity shop, several people have been taking part in a new online craze and taking trick photos with the sleeves. Click here to see more!

Trick album sleeves may be one thing, but this homeowner has clearly taken things a step further. Literally, a tunnel that goes through a house, this makes quite a spectacle. Not sure what it does for property prices though! Click here to see more.

Let’s face it; every young lad grows up wanting to be James Bond and quite frankly, who can blame them? Whilst the majority of films require a stretch of the imagination (to say the least), some of the famous gizmos are closer to reality than one would think. Check out this amazing water-powered jet pack…

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Stopgap Best of the Web without some kind of food feature! We all love a good piece of chocolate cake, but not everyone has the time to bake one – until now! Here’s an innovative way to make a chocolate cake – from scratch – in only 5 minutes. Yum!

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