Crowdsourcing – What to expect next

Just when we thought BT’s Adam and Jane were providing a new level of crowdsourcing, Sony have come along with their world’s first Instagram music video!

This is a great new idea from Sony Music, especially for all music and festival lovers. Sony has given people the chance to be part of a new crowdsourced Instagram video, which will be used for the upcoming new single for The Vaccines – click here to have a look at some of the submissions so far.

Users can submit photos just be shooting and tagging the photo through Instagram with #vaccinesvideo, or by filtering photos already on your iPhone. The director will then source everything together for the music video.

This is a great new move in brand engagement and is taking the next step in crowdsourcing techniques.  As Sony lets the fans create the music videos themselves, this will surely have a positive impact on the Sony brand. However this technique could have also been used differently – they could only allow Sony product users to take part or it could be put to promote Sony smartphones, etc.

So the best way to implement crowdsourcing is to find a subject matter that will appeal to the masses (like music) and an innovative and unique way for the consumers to be part of it. After sending in pictures, what is the next step? Surely consumers should then be videoing themselves? Or writing and acting out whole adverts? As the evolution of crowdsourcing continues, is the final step just to let consumers do what THEY want with eventual control of the whole process?

What do you think?

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