April’s Best of the Web

Let’s face it. It’s miserable outside. Most of us got caught in the rain. And we’re all  grumbling about the hose pipe ban and drought following this onslaught of rain. But what we all really need is a good chuckle and a look back at the highly entertaining things that have graced the web over the last month!

Cool and Creative MacBook Stickers

Yes it might be fun to splat a sticker on the back of your laptop. But wouldn’t it be even more fun to have a creative sticker…on a MacBook no less. Take a look at these visual delights.

To see more brilliant designs, click here.

Shattered CD Animal Sculptures

So you download all your music these days and wondering what to do with your old CDs? Then why not try your hand at making your own sculptures. Australian sculptor and illustrator Sean Avery did!

Humming Bird



Fleeple (I know. What's a Fleeple?!)

Creative Dad takes crazy photos of daughters

Wouldn’t you love it if your Dad took photos of you like this?

Courtesy of photographer Jason Lee (not the guy from My Name is Earl)

Freddy and Frankie say thanks!

If you can cast your minds back to last year…well the last few weeks, you might remember Knit Fur Good? If not, here’s a reminder – it gave you the chance to knit a virtual jumper for our bald pals Freddy and Frankie, with £1 donated to Crisis for each jumper knitted. And thanks to you, we reached our £1000 mark!

In December we teamed up with Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people to create Knit Fur Good. All it took was a click of a button, ok, a couple of button clicks, but you were rewarded with your very own Freddy or Frankie figure in full jumper.

Not only were you helping the shivering critters (who came alive on Twitter), but thanks to everyone who took part we raised £1000 for the charity. And if you still want to have a go for fun or haven’t had a chance yet, then click here!

And if you want to follow/talk to Freddy and Frankie, follow @Shivering_Dog or @Chilly_Cat, I’m sure they’ll message you back!

November’s Best of the Web

It’s been a busy past month and we’re pleased to share some of the helpful, fun and just downright odd things we’ve found on the net.Turtle noses, real angry birds and creative logos are just some of what we’re pleased to share! Enjoy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

Ever wondered what it’d be like to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on your nose? No, neither did I, but then we saw some rather great pictures of what it’d look like!

Ringo as Michelangelo...coincidence?

Real Angry Birds

The smartphone’s favourite – Angry Birds – makes its move to the jungle. Courtesy of photo manipulations by Mohamed Raoof, we can now see what the world would look like if Angry Birds existed in real life!

What’s in a logo?

Not mind bending subliminal messages, don’t worry! But there are loads of creative logos out there with hidden messages/images that you may not have noticed. Here’s just a few of our favourites:

Notice part of the letter M flying away to freedom?

Can you guess what this looks like?

Did you see the magnifying glass?

How Recruiters Use Social Networks

Is social media important to recruiters? Yes it is. 69% of applications may have been rejected because they LIE on their online profiles, but 68% were also hired based on their (true) online portfolio. Click here to see more.

September’s Best of the Web

It’s been another exciting month at The Gapster, and while we’ve soaked up every last bit of sunshine before it goes away completely, we’ve also been scouring the internet for some unique, innovative and creative things to fill our ‘best of the web.’ So let’s take a look at what the summer brought us!

Stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

No nothing about Rihanna, but more about umbrellas! Of course we experienced our drizzles during the summer but wouldn’t it have been better if we had some cool and creative umbrellas?! Like these for example:

Couples, dog walkers and the ultra dry will be safe with these umbrellas! Click here if you want to take a look at some more!

Waiter, I’ve got a monk on my cupcake

Ever wondered what really goes on in the mini world of food? Well husband and wife team Minimiam show the chores and goings on of little people on food.

Mini monk 1

Mini penguins

It’s a me, Mario!

Super Mario fans have been busy, creating unique and innovative products, such as Converse trainers, backpacks and earrings! Perhaps Nintendo will be swayed by these to actually start making them?

Mario Converse

Mario backpack

Mario Earring

The Anatomy of a Facebook Fan

Anatomy of a Facebook Fan

Thought you knew what makes a Facebook Fan? Well this infographic we found on moontoast is very insightful:. It really penetrates the different levels of Facebook fans and gives you the inner details of how a fan works, and how things spread through their engagement. Click here or in the image to see the infographic in all its glory!