March’s Best of the Web

The weather’s turned nice. The ice cream vans are rocking up near the parks. So why not take your iPad outside, or perhaps open the office window and take a look at some of the Best of the Web.

Dollar Shave Club

This may just be our favourite Best of the Web, purely because of this video! Β It only took a couple of days for this video to go viral, and why? Well, because it’s f****** great!

The Past and the Future of Famous Logos

A cheeky look at logos and what we could expect to see in the future. How close to the truth do you think they are?

And our personal favourite:

Minimalist Lego Cartoon Characters

Ever wondered what they’d look like if they were made out of Lego bricks. See if you can guess who they are:

Hey Bert!

Heroes in a half shell

He's not fat, he's big-boned.


February’s Best of the Web

As we come to the end of another month in 2012, it’s round about time we have a look back and see what’s been entertaining us over February.

Extraordinary Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

In case any of you forgot, it was Valentines Day earlier this month, so what better than to have a look at some creative ways of saying the magic three words.

Logos with hidden symbolism

You got to love logos which feature an extra hidden gem in them (the arrow in FedEx anyone?) but sometimes it’s just nice to see some clever designs. So knock yourselves out!

You can see some more clever hidden logos by clicking here.

People Flying in New York City

Can you believe it? Over the last month, New York City was visited by real flying people. Ok, I’m only joking, it was in fact stuntmen trying out a new jetpack design. Ok, seriously now, it was human shaped remote control planes. But they were cool…

Mouse Hole Outlet Cover

Quite simply, the best way to protect your house from open sockets and make it look like you live with Tom and Jerry.

November’s Best of the Web

It’s been a busy past month and we’re pleased to share some of the helpful, fun and just downright odd things we’ve found on the net.Turtle noses, real angry birds and creative logos are just some of what we’re pleased to share! Enjoy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

Ever wondered what it’d be like to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on your nose? No, neither did I, but then we saw some rather great pictures of what it’d look like!

Ringo as Michelangelo...coincidence?

Real Angry Birds

The smartphone’s favourite – Angry Birds – makes its move to the jungle. Courtesy of photo manipulations by Mohamed Raoof, we can now see what the world would look like if Angry Birds existed in real life!

What’s in a logo?

Not mind bending subliminal messages, don’t worry! But there are loads of creative logos out there with hidden messages/images that you may not have noticed. Here’s just a few of our favourites:

Notice part of the letter M flying away to freedom?

Can you guess what this looks like?

Did you see the magnifying glass?

How Recruiters Use Social Networks

Is social media important to recruiters? Yes it is. 69% of applications may have been rejected because they LIE on their online profiles, but 68% were also hired based on their (true) online portfolio. Click here to see more.